Michele is a sensitive and ingenious development editor, who asks the right questions and has a great sense of story. She’s also wonderfully supportive to a flailing author, and a thoroughly nice person. I’ve found her a real pleasure to work with and wholeheartedly recommend her to any author looking for development work and story help.

KJ Charles, award-winning author of the Sins of the Cities trilogy

Michele is a professional, meticulous, and sensitive editor. She was extremely helpful with my short story, In Vino, offering useful feedback while remaining sensitive to voice and style. Her proofing and fact-checking were both exceptionally thorough, and she was friendly and supportive throughout the process, making her a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Michele to any author looking for an efficient, collaborative, and encouraging editor. She can also use commas, which I can’t.

Alexis Hall, award-winning author of the Spires series

Michele was invaluable as a beta reader for both my last book, and the book I currently have in line edits. She’s not only advised on dev-level issues but also line-edit-level and copy editing. I’ve known Michele for four years and she’s always responded promptly to questions – an impressive feat, given our time zone difference. Perhaps most importantly, she’s cognizant of my intended voice, always aware of my intended audience (British or American English), and she’s not afraid to ask for clarification if I use an obscure Southwestern turn of phrase. I trust her implicitly with my in-progress works, zero drafts, and edits. I count her not only as a colleague but as a very good friend.

Jordan S Brock, author of Change of Address

Michele was able to pinpoint exactly what my story needed when all I knew was that it wasn’t working. Her feedback was detailed, helpful and encouraging. She also has the kind of attention to detail (not only with copyediting, but also anachronisms and dialect) that I can’t even aspire to. She’s professional, kind, and all around delightful to work with.

Cat Sebastian, author of The Ruin of a Rake

Michele has taken care of the professional-level proofreading of my novel, Compound a Felony: A Queer Affair of Sherlock Holmes for print, and I found her to be conscientious and very attentive to detail. She identified and corrected every typing mistake and type-setting anomaly, and the feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive. I am very glad to have chosen Michele to perform that service for me.

Elinor Gray, author of Compound a Felony 

Michele kindly did the Britpicking on The Mutt, my fantasy short story. I found her input extremely constructive and the entire process smooth and helpful. It definitely gave my MS the final polish I was after. I intend to use Michele’s editing services again in the very near future. Highly recommended.

Kasia Bacon, author of The Order series