My Services

My Services

Currently I offer the following editorial services:

  • Developmental Edits: checking your draft for global issues regarding plot, characterisation and motivation, structure and tone, as well as continuity errors, missing story beats, pacing issues, and any additional changes that might help improve the story
  • Line Edits: detailed examination of the text for missing or overused words and cliches, awkward sentences, out of character behaviour, POV mistakes, obvious punctuation and spelling errors, anachronisms, and any issues that should be resolved to strengthen your manuscript

As well as the following specialist services:

  • Britpicking: checking the text for localised language, words, and spelling, converting US to UK English and vice versa
  • Brainstorming: if at any point in your draft you feel stuck or uninspired, we can schedule a session of communication to discuss it, over email or googledocs, to ask questions designed to help kickstart ideas so you are ready to carry on with the story
  • Sensitivity reading: if your story involves any of the following, I can look over it to help ensure a sensitive and aware portrayal: asexuality, dyspraxia, Jewish characters, mental health, chronic pain, neurodiversity (See FAQ for more details.)

I do not use Track Changes and for every pass will comment directly on the MS, as well as email an edit report detailing my observations.

My Rates

  • Initial edit pass: $.006 / .005p per word (approximately $300 / £250 per 50k words)
  • Subsequent passes: $.004 / .003p per word (approximately $200 / £150 per 50k words)
  • Sensitivity reads/Britpicking:  $.004 / £.003p per word

I offer discounted rates on subsequent passes because I believe the editing process is most useful when maintaining an ongoing working relationship with the author, collaborating together rather than one being more important than the other, and that books created this way are stronger for it.

If you have any questions regarding my prices or services, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m very happy to arrange my services around your personal editorial needs.

How the process works

First, contact me with a brief description and wordcount of your story, what services you’re looking for, deadlines we might be working with, and any questions you might have. Once we’ve decided to work together and confirmed a service, please send your manuscript as a .doc or .docx, in Times New Roman 12 pt font. I will send a paypal invoice, and we can begin!

Please allow two weeks for each pass for partials and works 50k and under, and three to four weeks for 50k and above. If you have an urgent need for an editing service, contact me to negotiate a speed rate.

My preferred payment method is paypal, however I am willing to discuss other options on a case by case basis. Shorter works should be paid in full up front, and a downpayment for services on novel length manuscripts must be made before I start.

I look forward to travelling with you on your editing journey!